Can Long find his dream Valentine’s date through digital marketing?

Ok yeah sure, I COULD use one of the millions of dating apps out there (not saying I haven’t before), and I COULD go out and talk to someone in real life (also not saying I haven’t before), but wouldn’t it be interesting to see if someone could find their dream date for Valentine’s day through digital marketing?
Maybe, maybe not, but we at SignalDrop thought it would be, and if you’ve read this far, chances are that you probably think it’s an interesting idea too! So if you’re single, or know someone that’s single, and in Melbourne, read on.

Are you the one?

What Long’s dream girl looks like

01. Has a big heart

I’ve always found it endearing when a girl doing something caring, especially when it’s a small gesture and they don’t even think about it. If your friends have told you that you’re caring, this could be you!

02. Likes being silly

Not exactly looking for a clown, but it’s always nice when a girl doesn’t mind being childish and having some fun.

03. Motivated to do things

Doesn’t really matter what you’re doing in life, as long as you’re passionate about it and using your energy to pursue it.

04. Nerdy about their own interests

I don’t mean nerdy in the classic nerd vs. jock way, but I just mean that it’s cool when someone is really into something unique. You could be nerdy about cricket, graphic design, or even knitting 🙂

05. Probably doesn’t fit this description

Even though what I’ve written above is what I THINK I like in a woman, I do also believe that people usually think they know what they want, but they’re usually wrong – And I’d love for you to prove me wrong.

The Date.

What you can expect

The first step is for you to dramatically lower your expectations so that you may only be pleasantly surprised. Just like most of the dates Long goes on, he has no idea of what to actually do.
There is currently no plan/concept/activity for the date itself right now, however just like a normal date, Long will come up with something depending on the interests of the other person. If the participant is happy for it to happen, we may also film parts of the Valentine’s date for a SignalDrop video.

Here’s me!

Key Points.

Lil’ info about Long

Name : Long Hobirch
Age : 25
Location : Melbourne
01. Started a crappy YouTube channel.

SignalDrop’s been a great excuse for me to do things normal people wouldn’t do (cooking steaks on the floor, digital marketing for a date, etc…). It’s a fresh channel, so hopefully we can keep pumping out content in 2019.

02. Digital Marketer / Photographer / Videographer

I run a small studio doing this stuff full-time, which is pretty neat. It’s also allowed me to do things like SignalDrop…for better and for worse :’)

03. Average Musician.

I produce electro-indie-pop (whatever that is) under the name “Emerson Long”, so I’m definitely into my music. Especially Frank Ocean.

04. Probably too into self-development.

I’ve got so many self-development books just stacked up, ready to enlighten me… I swear I’ll get around to reading them one day!

05. Doesn’t talk like Longines

I’ve actually had people who watched the SignalDrop video of me cooking a steak on the pavement think I talk like that. I don’t. Usually.

Public Opinion.


“Overall great guy, if you don’t act now, it will be your loss.”

William Tan, long time friend


“I don’t know…Just write whatever fits the marketing!”

Brett, Step-Dad

“Very caring & I hope he finds someone to make him smile everyday.”

Mum, my mother


“Never met anyone like him before…Because I am him. haha.”

Long Yin Hobirch



Thanks for reading but this event is now over!

We’ll keep this page up just for your historical interest 🙂

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